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Increase Your Restaurant's Revenue

Marketing made easy with Malaysia's No.1 loyalty program

A powerful loyalty program

Effortless Loyalty

Mulah's loyalty program is easy to use and can be customized to engage users. 

Identify Customers

Build your own customer database and categorize them based on their spending behaviour

Automated Marketing

Promotions are automatically sent to customers that haven't visited for a while.

Everything You Need

Mulah comes with an extensive marketing tool and world class technical support.

Benefits of using Mulah

Retaining a customer is 5x cheaper than acquiring a new one

WOM Marketing

Turn your loyal customers into advocates for your business, and have them bring their friends & family!

Increased Customer Spending

A loyalty program will engage your customers to increase their visiting frequency and average spending. 

Lower Retention Costs

We deliver proven results

10x more effective than 
traditional marketing

% who buy after seeing a promotion
Source: Mulah's Data, Jupiter Research, FiveStars (USA)

Some of Our Partners

See A Free Demo & Enjoy 30-Day Free Trial

Learn how to easily build your own database, engage customers, send offers and increase revenue with Mulah. Watch a Free demo and try it out with a 30-Day Free Trial .

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