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Hey business owners! 

Drive 2x more customer visits to your store

Learn how to grow your business with us.

Are you a consumer? 

Why Retaining Customers Is Important For You?

Less Cost 

It costs 5 times more to attract a new customer compared to keeping an existing one

WOM Marketing

With a big pool of loyal customers, words of mouth will take off and bring in more new customers.

Revenue Growth

Loyal customers spend 10x more over time and generate more revenue for your business

How It Works

Fully supported program

Flexible loyalty program with professional advices, technical support and all the required tools provided. 

Simple & easy to use

Customers simply enter their mobile number on the iPad to sign up & collect loyalty points. 

Effortless marketing

We help run marketing campaigns. Automated offers will also be sent when customers turn inactive.

Customers visit more often

Incentivised and engaged, your customers will visit more often and likely to spend more on each visit.

We deliver proven results


10x more effective than 
traditional marketing.

% who buy after seeing a promotion
Source: Mulah's Data, Jupiter Research, FiveStars (USA)

See A Free Demo & Get 30-Day Free Trial

Join our network of local businesses. Find out how you can drive more repeat customers automatically with a quick demo & experience it yourself with a 30-Day Free Trial.

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