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System Down Notice

What Has Actually Happened...

Dear all, firstly we, the management team of Mulah Technologies Sdn Bhd (MTSB) would like to apologize for needing to shut our servers down from today (25th of November) until the 30th November. MTSB will bring its servers back online from the  1st of December 2017 to upgrade our server’s security systems due to a foreign cyber attack. 


Due to this, the best way forward would be to get the cashiers to write down your information on a piece of A4 paper for the time being:




0173427281 - 64 points

0126224603 - 125 points




As we all know - Mulah Technologies Sdn Bhd (MTSB) has been experiencing significant system down-time since last Friday, 17th of November 2017. MTSB has determined that the cause of the disruption was a brazen cyber attack exactly at 3.30am,25th of November, 2017 (GMT +5). MTSB immediately contained the cyber attack, engaged security consultants, and we are preparing to lodge reports at the relevant authorities.


The attack on MTSB’s AWS servers is classified as a “brute force attack” - this is where the attacker tried to infiltrate our servers by essentially trying out all password combinations with a software can try out thousands of ids and passwords combination per hour. This was the main reason why we initially thought that the servers were failing due to server overload, and even after upgrading it to a server that is 3x more powerful than the previous one, we were still facing the same issues. And when we dug deeper, we found the aforesaid root cause. The attacker was also able to corrupt the new server files, rendering it unusable - which was the main reason why we could not secure the logs from the 19th of November - 21st of November.


We have decided to shut our servers down for the time-being to upgrade our server’s security system - to protect against possible identity theft and a further breach of the servers. We are really sorry for this transgression - it was the management team’s mistake for not having the foresight to invest and upgrade in security systems - which should be of utmost priority when dealing with personal information.


We expect to bring our servers back online, latest by Thursdays (1st of December 2017). Due to this - we will extend your Mulah’s subscription period for another 14 days. Once again, we apologize for our transgressions, and we are deeply sorry for our lack of foresight, and we promise you that we will do everything it takes to speed up the process of returning the servers back online. We commit to do everything in the best of our abilities to ensure that this does not happen again.

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