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Build your database with just Mobile Numbers with an iPad.

All data is stored in Cloud, allowing you full access anytime, with a download feature for all data.


Receive insightful analysis of
your customers’ behaviour from a comprehensive report .


Mulah's automated SMS has proven to increase customers’ likelihood of returning by 2x and extend their number of average visits.

​Just imagine: 
Your favourite restaurant offering you via SMS  
"1 FREE Signature Main".

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Your Customer Journey

After lunch at Steak & Burgers, Bob receives an automated SMS which incentivises him to return.

Steak & Burgers

When Bob returns to
Steak & Burgers to use the reward, he gains a stronger positive impression of the outlet.

Now, If Bob thinks of having burgers again, he would think of Steak & Burgers instead of any other burger joints. 

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The team behind Mulah has been very responsive to all our queries.


Very professional.


(Assistant Manager)

After just a few months, we realised that Mulah has really been retaining and creating loyal customers for our business. 


(Business Owner)

The auto marketing SMS allows us to send targeted campaigns that brought us new regulars to our business. A simply MUST- HAVE for any restaurants.


(Marketing Director)


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